Art Of Staffing

The way we have structured our staffing solutions, all you have to do is to give us a green signal, and you will find your productivity increasing overnight.

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Campus Hiring

The university hiring team at Sureminds is a focused group that engineers and executes solutions to address these corporate challenges.

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FullTime Recruitment

We provide FullTime employment jobs to the candidates with all benefits and eminites provided by the company as per the terms and conditions.

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Contract Hiring

Contract Hiring is the best way of doing pulg and play the employee as per the clients requirement and candidate will be deployed at client's location.

Contract to Hire

Time based employment will be offered to the candidate as per client's project span and schedule after completion of agreement candidate will be undeployed from the client's project.

Leadership Hiring

We are the best team recruited many well profiled leaders to the clients

Our Vision

Our Vision is to always focus on the client's requirementsand give them the best output in every work.
With the help of latest trends in staffing and technologies not only in staffing but also we are focusing on development and research, we offer several business models that fulfill your requirements and budget.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work along and across many industries, to continue on our quest for excellence.

Technology Expertise



Microsoft Platform