Temporary Hiring Process

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Temporary Hiring

Temporary employees, often referred to as "temps", are typically hired to cover for absent employees (such as those who are on maternity or disability leave) and temporary vacancies, or to fill gaps in a company's workforce. Temporary employees may be hired directly or through a temporary staffing agency -- in which case the temp is on lease with the staffing company, but is not an employee of the client company that uses its services. Temporary agencies typically charge clients 15 to 30% more than the amount of compensation given to the temp employee, though some temp employees may wish to negotiate their hourly rate. Detailed interview process that communicates company culture and benefits to the interviewee

Some temporary jobs may lead to permanent employment where appropriate-- in which case the temp agency may charge a fee if the worker is hired permanently. More often, however, companies hire temporary employees for a specific business purpose while avoiding the cost of hiring regular employees.